Go to your Home or Wallet tab and select “Add Funds.” You will be asked to log in to your RBC online bank account. You can then choose either your RBC Canadian personal chequing account or your RBC Canadian personal credit card, and transfer money from there to your Mydoh Wallet. Don't worry, the process is super secure.

Note: If you are transferring money to your Mydoh Wallet, the transaction will appear in your RBC account as “purchase of RBC prepaid card incl fee” on your chequing account and “prepaidcrd purchase” on your credit card. Any refunds will appear as “refund prepaid card purchase incl fee” on your chequing account or “prepaidcrd refund” on your credit card.

For those of you who don't have a bank account with RBC, stay tuned; we're working on a solution for you!

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